The History of Our Shoe Store

Clarence 'Grandpa Miller' Miller in the Miller's Shoe Store store. Carl Miller at a boot shelf in Miller's Shoe Store store.

In 1917 Clarence (Grandpa Miller) Miller (inset at right) was working in the Speculator Mine in Butte when fire broke out in the Granite Mountain shaft. Clarence survived one of our nation's worst mining disasters, and went on to start his own business, Miller's Shoe Shop, just weeks after.

Picture of the 'brand new' the Miller's Shoe Store store.

Originally a harness and shoe repair shop, his son, Carl (photo at left), initiated retailing footwear in addition to repairing.

Eventually the repair shop was fazed out when Grandpa Miller retired and Miller's Shoe Shop became a full-service retail store. That shoe store is now in it's third generation.